Sunday, January 24, 2016

Jan. 18, 2016

 I feel like every missionary letter that i have read has said week of miracles.. but heavenly father is just blessing every single one of us no matter where we are at!... especially here in encarn this week... WOW. where to even begin... i feel like weeks are just blurrs now.. like i dont even know what happened... but everything is really good here in encarn.
to start it off monday wow... so we find out that this menos activa that is here for vacations that lives like 20 hours away by bus in the middle of no where who has been here for the past 3 months... her granddaughter who is 9 wants to be baptized..... well as missionaries that is probably the best news you could hear... soo we ran around trying to figure out how we can help her get baptized before she leaves next week.... it gets better.
luckily (said with lots of sarcasm) she lives 45 MINUTES AWAY!!!!! like 5 km walking TO her house... hahahha so we were running around this week trying to visit our investigators contacts and help nicole!  but because she is here for vactations and she has 9 years she has to have the permission of her parents in order to be baptized... and so long story short all week long we were waiting for word whether she was going to recieve permission or not...

her parents said no. Im soo sad. they want to be there for the baptism so they think that it is better to wait until the winter. and lets just say there is nothing worse to hear as a missionary that all your efforts were turned down and that someone doesnt want to take the steps to baptism in that moment! but i know that its in the plan of heavenly father he knows our hearts and what is best for us!
anyways... sooo throughout the week we were really focusing in nicole but we found a full of new investigators sooo crazy more than i have ever found in a week! I was soo happy.... wow. its the best feeling when someone says that they want to learn more!!!! im excited because a few i feel are going to progress...... but ok i dont even know what i am saying just jumpìng all over the place. we just had a really crazy busy week! we have this hermana in our zone that got hit by a moto.... she is in the pension for the next couple weeks.. so as hermana leaders we made a schedule that there will be hermanas in their area for the next few weeks so that their area doesnt fall! sooo we have been crazy traveling back and forth in their area then back in ours. but ok ok ok......
YESTERDAY!!! MIRACLES GALORE!!!!!! wow soooo we were expecting this niña to be in the church but she was sick... so we were thinking ahhhh what are we going to do we arent going to reach our goal... when we thought lets invite this family of investigators that we found..... THEY CAME!!!! ahhhhh we had a family in churhc!!! a real family... a mom a dad and 2 daughters 8 and 10!!!! I WAS DYING!!!! SERIOUSLY DYING!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sooo awesome! they absolutely loved churhc and everything and said that they wanted to come back next week that they were going to come back early from their abuelas to come to church!!! ahhhhhh im soo hapoy and afterwards we talked to them and the mom told us that she and her daughters have never been baptized and that they want to be baptized becuase the bible says so... sooo tomorrow we have a cita with them... and we are going to invite them to be baptized!!!! ahhh i know that heavenly father has prepared them!! that with every trial that we face there is a bright sun around the corner!!!

 ahhhh i really want to help sandra emiliano and their 2 daughters to take this step in their live and see the happiness that comes from living the gospel! i love this gospel... wow do i love this gospel. it seriously is the way to be happy. I know that it is true. HEAVNELY FATHER IS SOOOOOOOOOO MERCIFUL!!!! he is soooo good! he loves us soo much and knows the things that we need! i love you all and hope your week and your sunday were as good as mine! i love you so much keep praying for me for these people to open their hearts to accept this gospel!
xoxoxox hermana pitts 

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