Thursday, January 28, 2016

Jan. 25, 2016

Well family..... Im off to ciudad. AHHHHHHHHH WHAT?!??!?! hahhaha lets start from the beginning! 

so earlier this week... what even happened... beginning with a lot of running around a lot of work. some of the miracles that happened this week were with our family of investigators. Sandra, emiliano, rosa and selena! WOW. im dying they are soo cool. sooo after coming to church on sunday we went by for our cita and lets just say that every lesson that we have had with her has been spectacular. wow. im talking powerhouse of spìrit. we were able to set a bautismal date with her for the 20 of february. she is super excited... sooo prepared. 

Thursday we had our interviews with president... he talked all about the area about what we can do in order to involve the members more and how to help our investigators... soooo lets just say after this interview i thought im staying SI O SI.... FOR SURE. Hermana Santos and I were seriously super excited to get to work.... which later we went for sandra and holy cow i am talking about every worry and every obstacle that we had with her was answered every prayer.... 

1. we didnt know if she was married or not and how they were going to feel with the law of chastity.... 

But in the middle of the charla she just soo happened to ask our views on marriage and that her and her novio werent married and that they were wanting to make this commitment to each other.. I WAS DYING!!!! HOLY COW.....

2. its really hard to find her husband and so we have a hard time teaching him... 

president gave us the idea to have her teach him... when we asked her to do that... GUESS WHAT?!?!?! she was already doing it!!!!

3. we were a little bit worried that it was just her that wanted to get baptized... (igual but it would be awesome if she took this step WITH her family) 

In the charla she just kept telling us that htis was important to her family! that her husband was excited and really liked the church!!! 

AHHHHHHH ANSWERS TOO PRAYERS A FULLLLLL. I know that heavenly father answers our prayers!!! This is his work!!! I know that he is preaparing people!!! people like sandra.... 

but just as i was high off my interview i was excited to work hard and was 100% sure that i was going to stay! then... monday came and IM LEAVING ENCARN.... 

CIUDAD DEL ESTE BARRIO 1 with hermana newell.... ANOTHER GREENGA!!!!! 

1.... we are opening a new area.... WHITE WASH..
2... we are hermana leaders!!! which is fun that we are going to build that area from ground 0.  hashtag double whamie
im a little nervous not knowing how we are going to find our way around and granted it is the centro.... but its going to be fun! there havent been sisters there for a really long time. next time i talk to you guys ill be speaking guarani portuguese and possibly spanish... hahahha no kidding but im super excited another adventure coming my way!

Its crazy to think that heavenly father has a plan for each one of us! its almost like in the mission you can see it more and more! but i know that heavenly father is inspiring every single one of us and shaping our lives. Im soo grateful for the mission i am so greatful for the things that i have learned and for the chance to be here. I love this gospel and this time in my life that i have to teach the people here in paraguay!!

i love you all pray for me this week.... im going to need it :/ hahahha 

xoxoxo keep the faith 

hermana pitts

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