Monday, February 22, 2016

February 22, 2016

Well.... wow did anything happen this week... or did everything happen this week. so being a long way from posadas its almost as if the office just forgets about us.hahaha not really there are tons of missionaries up here sooo we arent completely alone.. .. im going to start wth the funny stuff and then get to the amazing spiritual experiences that we had this week.  but this whole week we have had problem after problem where do i even begin. its acutally quite humorous. 
so being new in the area and the first ones... we dont have a lot of stuff... including the rent. and water... hahaha so we this week we made a huge list of like 10 things to talk to the office about.
but what do you know.. our phone cant call argentina. they can only call us. so we spent the whole week with dirty water and no money for rent! super fun right.
no wednesday ad thursday we had divisions with the hermanas here in barrio 1 it was super fun!!! i was with hermana nilson oh my hilarious she wants to go ito the marines and is seriously a sister that you would hardly believe your eyes if you met her... but super fun! we got to work with clotilde and fransisco. but it got a little crazy thrusday.... the ZL call us wednesday night and are talking to us about 2 of our girls that need a bit of help finding new investigators. they thought it would be a good idea to do divisions with them.. SOO THURSDYA... we planned it! we left thursday afternoon planning to come back at night... we get all the way out there. ( meanwhile getting lost on this crazy bus system) and we find out there are no buses that return at night because every single paraguayan goes to bed at 6 pm... hahahah no thats a bit of an exaggeration but super early
and we had to stay the night in our sweaty clothes and without a toothbrush. #solid. but yeah as we are getting ready for bed that night we finally get a call from the office to tell us we have to be at the chruch at 8 am the next morning in centro... soo really far.. back by our house. so we set the alarm for 6 am to get out there shower and ready to go to the chruch for CONSEJO!!!! WOOOOOOOO
we had consejo this week.. well a mini consejo here in ciudad. but yeah.... but along with our long list of honey dosss... except we dont have honeys to do them.... WE HAVE TO FIND A NEW HOUSE. so pretty much we are just focusing on our progressing investigators and HOUSE HUNTING INTERNATIONAL. you know it...
anyways long story short but president thinks it will be a better option if we move into a more central part of the area. so we are using the members in order to find a house in the next 2 weeks before transfers come around. #challengedaccepted.
but this week although we finally got money for rent and we finally got everything settled being 500 km away from posadas. we had some amazing lessons.
hermana newell is amazing! seriously she knows what is up...... she knows when it is time to be chill and when its time to get down and dirty and to drop the cane. she is my hero! i seriously love her... every night we just talk like wow... we have such spiritual lessons everyday. and seriously i dont think that i could have done this transfer without her! President la pierre said that it was a clear choice when he was looking at the hermanas to open up this new area! it had to be us!!! because we needed each other! 

Yesterday was AMAZING!!!! we had 4 investigators in chruch... although the week was absolutely crazy and we were running around to and fro and not being able to work as much as we hoped there were baby miracles... I love that!
I know that god is in this work! i know that he trusts me and hermana newell with everything that is going on!! he knows who we are and what we are doing and he is the one in charge! i know that this work is true! I know this gospel is the way! lately i have been reading a lot about conversion.. and really honestly what it means.. there is this talk by elder bednar called being converted to the lord! go read it!!! but it talks about peter. I LOVE PETER! he is soo cool. but how even though peter walked with the lord and talked with him he still had to be taught by him and at the last supeer the lord prayed for him! he was still working to be converted! we are all there... working to be converted!
we have to continually do the little things with real intent. not just do them but apply them... really pray.... really read the scriptures... get as much as possible from chruch.. suffer like our savior... plead with our heavenly father.. and little by little his spirit is going to change us. change our hearts and help us become the people we need to be! its amazing as a missionary to see that change!
i love this work i know it is true.. have the best week and keep the faith!

BIG BIRTHDAY SHOUTOUT TO MY 2 HERMANITAS.... hap!py birthday cuties cammers and clarence! you rock and i can feel your prayers!!! EAT SOME MAGLEBYS CHOCOLATE CAKE FOR ME!!!!
love ya
xoxoxo hermana pitts 

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