Monday, February 8, 2016

Feb. 8, 2016 Acting in Faith

Well lets see.. I MADE IT A WEEK!!! hahahha WOOOHOOO. no im kidding. this place seriously is amazing and scary (because we have no idea where we are going half the time) and beautiful full of people i dont even know how to explain it. 

but first of all HAPPY ANNIVERSARY A MIS PAPAS wow... im soo grateful for you guys. i thank heavenly father every day for your examples your testimonies and your faith. I love you guys!!! 
ok... this week. we had quite a few miracles that happened..

so this ward is amazing!!! seriously they take care of us and it is sooo great. There are 3 young woment that are preparing for the missions and want to accompany us (i dont remember how you say that in english ooopps.) but yeah... awkward. but THEY WANT TO HELP US! so we have practically left everyday with one of them to get to know houses of members and houses of menos activos and then the best part is that every day ends with a lesson of one of their friends!!!  hashtag references!!! how BOMB!!! 
but we have been doing really good.. getting to know a little bit more of the area and the members we can at least recognize their faces and about half of their names. There are is about 100 in asistencia which is amazing!! but our goal is to get this barrio going!! 
AHHH ok... what happened this week. WE. FOUND. A. FAMILY. holy hannah it was a miracle. Last sunday we were walking by this house that we had contacted before and they werent home. but their neighbors were pulling stuff out of their car so being the good misionarias that we are... hahah we asked them if we could help... but the dad quickly turned down the offer but as we began to introduce ourselves he told us that his kids were mormon!!! ahhhhh 15, 12. 10 and 6. and that they always went to chruch with their grandma but she stayed in asuncion and that they had just moved their from asuncion. WE WENT BACK!!! and we started teaching the family... getting to know them.. turns out their nanny who lives with them is super sad to leave her home in asuncion and so we invited her to come to church with the kids! AND THEY ALL CAME!!!! 
but we also have a friend of a member of thge family sosa who is really liking the churhc as well.. he is susper awesome and has some amazing questions! but yeah. he has come 2 weeks in a row! as we are getting to know the area more and working by faith really honestly its amazing to see the hand of heavenly father in our lives here! this mission is DANG hard... SUPER HARD. never have i felt soo lost and uncomfortable and out of place and scared than i have this past week but i know that heavenly father is blessing us every step of the way! 
I love this gospel. and love this work. this is the lords work! i know that it is true and i know that he is doing the work we are only his instruments!
Oh... hahahah funny experiences this week... i had a dengue fever scare... hahah ive been a little under the weather these past few days... lots of diarrea and throwing up... but dont worry i am fine now... but they thought i had dangue i swear whatever illness you have the answer to the paraguayns is dengue... but yeah! i am doing fine now.. eating a little but living! hahah I love these people.. the whole ward practically freaked out and were amazing to us! but i guess you ahve to have one of these experiences at least once on the mission. I think it was food poisoning... cold sweats headache the whole shabang.. hahahah but at least i can laugh about it now. but yeah...
we also ate indian food... hash tag curry. but yeah im doing good. 

I love you guys! the mission is everything. have the best week keep the faith and remember how much our heavenly father loves us. he knows who we are and is there every step even though we cant see him. that is why we must act by faith! we must do our part. trust in him. a few weeks ago i was studying faith and hope. I love the verse in romans 8 25 that says that hope is waiting with patience it is having the faith that the good things will come and just waiting patiently for them! thats what we are doing here... developing the hope for our earthly home! i love you
xoxoxo hermana pitts 
keep the faith and act by it! 

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