Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Feb. 15, 2016

this week is half way.. WHAT HAPPENED??? i swear. this has been the fastest slowest 9 months of my life..

but this week has been super good. We are working hard here in barrio 1. 

Every since we got here we have had members calling us right and left to teach their friends and family!!! SUPER COOL! seriously i swear we get like 20 references a week. which is just unheard of.. its crazy how prepared this area was for sisters!! they NEEDED SISTERS!!! sooo out of all their friends we are finding and teaching and NOW WE ARE PROGRESSING!!

I think i told you last week about the familia mendieta that just recently moved from asuncion! but their nanny is amazing we are working with her a bunch to help her be ready for her baptism at the end of this month!! PRAY!!!! please... clotti is 20 and has come to church 2 already!!! We are just putting our faith in the lord to see what he has in store for us!!! we have been really working on working  by faith this week! 

i know that heavenly father is in our lives he is working with us every step of the way and i love as a missionary to see his hand working! sometimes this work is hard... but i think lately i have been realizing that it isnt my work.. it is the lords! i just have to live worthy to have the spirit and allow him to work throught me! 

we have 2 investigators that are progressing a ton!!! one of them is clotti and the other is another reference from a member fransisco.... he is super cool!!!!! he wants to know the truth... its amazing to watch people change to see how the gospel opens up there eyes that is what is happening to fransisco... it is slow! but i know the lord is working miracles in him! he is only 16 soo we have his baptism planned for the middle of march...

there are lots of miracles here in barrio 1... i am sorry i had a whole letter written and then it deleted soo i dont have lots of info... but ill tell you all about it next week

i love you have the best week.... keep the faith i know that its true... the faith the chruch our savior...

Xoxoxox hermana pitts

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